Dr. R. Dhanalakshmi, M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Dean for Research, University & UGC Affairs
(Assistant Professor of English)

Institutional  policy for promotion of research

  1. The College has a research committee which monitors and addresses the issues related to research.
  2. The Research Committee is continuously encouraging the staff members to take up research projects in their respective fields .Circulates information to all the faculty members when funding agencies call for the Research Project Proposals.
  3. The Research Committee constitute the Principal as the Chairperson, a senior faculty member as the Co-ordinator and staff representative from each discipline.
  4. Staff members working in self-financing courses are granted long leave to complete their PhD’s
  5. Staff members working in self-financing courses are appreciated by providing increments for receiving PhD degrees and for clearing SET / NET exams.
  6. To enhance the research culture in the institution, the registration fee for publishing research papers in UGC approved journals and international conferences are funded from the UGC autonomy grant for the aided course staff members and for self-financing course staff members, from the management grant.
  7. The institution continuously taps the fund provided by UGC for FIP programmes.
  8. The institution has planned to award the staff members who excel in research activities.

Research Committee 2018-19

Name Designation in the institution Position in the Committee
Dr.R.Dhanalakshmi Assistant Professor in English Dean & Convener
Dr.R.Sangeetha Assistant Professor in  physics Member
Dr. S. Lingeswari Assistant Professor of English Member
Dr.S.Vigneswaran Assistant Professor in  Economics Member
Dr. B. Kothai Nachiar Assistant Professor in  Commerce Member
Ms. S. Ragavi Assistant Professor in  Mathematics Member
Mr.M.Rajkumar Assistant Superintendent Member&Convener Student Research Cell
Mr.R.Ashok Clerk Member