Courses on Human values


Value Education infuses the values of individual, family, institution and society that makes the students to face the society confidently. The students learn Value Education during II semester. Certificate and Diploma courses in Gandhian Thought are part of the curriculum. Students learn about Gandhiji’s life, truth and non-violence and they learn Human Values and Ethical values.  Values such as Integrity, Honesty, work ethic, Respect for others, Living peacefully, Caring, Sharing, Courage, Time Management, Cooperation, Commitment, Empathy, Sympathy, Courteousness, Self-confidence, Self-discipline, respecting other religions, character-building, Spiritualism, are inculcated among the students.

As per UGC guidelines, Anti-Ragging Committee has been established to handle the issues pertaining to ragging. Exclusive Blood Donor’s Club is functioning to meet the needs of the public. Women Development Cell and Complaint Committee are formed by female faculty members to interact with women students at regular intervals to identify any sort of issues. Self-Development Courses are conducted to enrich the skills that lead to employability. Courses such as Tailoring course, Beautician Course are offered to the benefit of the women students by Women Development Cell.  Students Counselors and Family Counselling and Education Psychology Committee are functioning to give counseling to students at regular intervals. Soft Skills training helps the students to learn Professional Ethics and make them to face the competitive world with confidence.  A week training on soft skills is given for all the UG students. The institution also promotes environmental awareness.  Non-Major Paper, Environmental Studies create awareness among students on conservation of natural resources and bio-diversity. Awareness on social issues like climate change, global warming, population explosion, and woman and child welfare is taught for the students. All UG students learn Environmental Studies during I semester. Further Eco-Club is also functioning in the campus to create. Any students can become the member in the club.  Social Responsibilities are developed through NSS and various club activities. Regular and Special camping programmes are being organized in the adopted villages by NSS volunteers. The programmes organized by various clubs and NSS makes the students more responsible towards society, women folk, elderly people, downtrodden etc.  Extension activity is included in the curriculum in part V for the II year UG Students.


 1 Value Education All UG Programmes
 2 Human Rights B.A.History
 3 Human Resource Management B.B.A & Commerce
 4 Understanding Society and Social Problems Bachelor of Social Work
 5 General Psychology Bachelor of Social Work
 6 Understanding Oneself and Family Bachelor of Social Work
 7 Developmental Psychology Bachelor of Social Work
 8 Family and Child Welfare Bachelor of Social Work
 9 Welfare of the Handicapped Bachelor of Social Work
 10 Makkal Thaghaval Thodarbiyal M.A.Tamil
 11 Customer Relationship Management M.Com
 12 Dynamics of Human Behaviour Master of Social Work
 13 Human Rights for Social Work Master of Social Work
 14 Human Resource Management-1 Master of Social Work
 15 Labour Legislation -1 Master of Social Work
 16 Rural Community Development Master of Social Work
 17 Urban Community Development Master of Social Work
 18 Livelihood Promotion Master of Social Work
 19 Mental Health Master of Social Work
 20 Social Work Practice in Medical Settings Master of Social Work
 21 Industrial Relations and Employee Welfare Master of Social Work
 22 Social Work Practice in the Field of Mental Health Master of Social Work
 23 Hospital Administration Master of Social Work
 24 Counseling and Psychotherapy Master of Social Work
 25 Skills for Social Workers Master of Social Work


COURSES OFFERED ON Professional Ethics

   1. Presentation Skills B.A.English
   2. Job Seeking Skills B.A.English
   3. Entrepreneurship Development B.A.Economics& Commerce
   4. Personality Development B.A.Economics& B.B.A
   5. Entrepreneurial Development B.B.A
   6. Understanding Body Language B.B.A
   7. How to Face Interview Confidently B.B.A
   8. Group Discussion Skill B.B.A
   9. Bakthi Ilakkiyam B.A.Tamil
  10. Social Entrepreneurship Bachelor of Social Work
  11. NGO Administration Bachelor of Social Work
  12. Banking Law and Practice B.Com
  13. Business Law B.Com
  14. OrganiZational Behaviour BBA
  15. AraIllakiyam ( Ethical Literature) B.A Tamil
  16. Introduction to Professional Social Work Bachelor of Social Work
  17. Management of NGOs Bachelor of Social Work