Department Of Computer Applications(BCA)

Courses: BCA M.Sc Computer Science

About the Department: The course BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications a 3 year under graduate degree programme was started in the year 2001. The course M.Sc Computer science, a 2 year post graduate degree programme was started in 2016.

The department is equipped with fully qualified and experienced faculty members. It has state-of-the art laboratories, Internet and other modern facilities. The department aims at producing students with good academic record and sufficient soft skills to enhance their employability. Over the year, the department has produced highly qualified and efficient computer professionals.

The curriculum offered to the students is framed in consultation with experts from academia and industry, The Department makes every effort to update its curriculum in order to enhance competence and employability.

Department publishes a journal, REBOOT. As part of the Department Association, “TECHNOSPARK”, various technical exhibitions and events are organized to enhance the programming skills.

An MoU is signed with Winways Informatics Ltd. and Certificate courses on WINLAMP and Hardware & Networking are conducted.

List of Staff Members

S.No Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1. A.Dhanalakshmi M.A, MCA, M,Phil(SET) Head& Assistant Professor
2. M.Kavitha MCA, M.Phil. Assistant Professor
3. K.Anuratha M.Sc.,M.L.M, M.Phil.(SET) Assistant Professor
4. R.K.Vijayalakshmi M.Sc(CS&IT), M.Phil., Assistant Professor
5. R.Arokiamary M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Professor
6. D.Seethalakshmi M.C.A.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
7. D.Niranjani M.C.A.,M.Phil.,M.B.A.(SET) Assistant Professor
8. V.Kalpana M.C.A.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor