IQAC is the nerve centre of the college which plays a significant role in upgrading the competence and quality of the institutions in terms of teaching – learning process, resources, and infrastructure etc., IQAC has been instrumental in bringing about   the idea of the quality consciousness and self-guided quality check in every sphere of activity in the college. It impresses upon the college administration and academic community to

  • Arrange faculty enrichment and training programe for the teaching and non teaching staff
  • Obtain course evaluation, students feedback on the performance of staff, self evaluation of staff and consolidate the report for decision-making to enhance the quality of teaching- learning processes
  • Take steps to infuse enthusiasm among faculty members, subject experts, alumni to participate in the process of curriculum development
  • Inculcate research culture among faculty members
  • Give exposure to students by making them attend seminars, conferences, workshops and inter-collegiate meet organized by other institutions and agencies to further their skills and knowledge
  • Equip the college with e-resources, ICT gadgets and networks.
  • Synergize the efforts of staff and students for knowledge and skill enhancement in all disciplines.
  • Elevate the department of mathematics into FIST sponsored department.
  • Introduce new programmes.