IQAC – Feedback

The Feedback Mechanisms prevailing at the College

The development of any organization, especially a college, heavily depends upon a well functioning feedback system. It requires a thorough preparation to initiate, launch and implement the feedback system. This college has been practicing a 3600 feedback systems accommodating all the stakeholders including staff, students, alumni and parents for many years to help the individuals and organization as a whole to improve the performance and
effectiveness of the Institution.


  • Feedback is obtained from both the faculty members in our college and other institutions who serve as external examiners and members of Board of Studies in various disciplines.
  • The feedbacks are properly analyzed and revised to update the syllabus.


  • Parents are important stake holders of this system.
  • Parents meeting is periodically conducted in this college and their suggestions are regularly obtained and analyzed.
  • The following parameters are accommodated in the feedback.
    • Teaching faculty
    • Fees Structure
    • Infrastructure
    • Library
    • Environment
    • Career guidance and Placement


  • The feedbacks offered by the employersabout the programs are given due significance and accordingly, the contents of the program are modified / revised
  • The Board of Studies of various departmentsare invariably represented by one employer, who is normally a senior industrial expert.


  • Students’ feedback on staff received everyyear.
  • The following parameters are considered to obtain feedback. They are
    • Academic Content
    • Usefulness of teaching materials
    • Study groups in furthering learning
    • Timelines of practical work
    • Educative value of mid-programme placement
    • Giving and getting helpful feedback
    • Fairness of evaluations
    • Interaction with faculties
    • Interaction with Administration
    • Computer Facilities
    • Library Facilities
    • Recreational Facilities
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Sports Facilities
  • Students’ feedback on curriculum is utilized while framing and revisingthe syllabus.


  • This college enjoys a strong and healthy association with the Alumni Club.
  • As the alumni is found to be the brand ambassador(s) of our institute, the feedback, of the alumni is given, due considerations.
  • The alumnus has active representation in the Board of studies Meet.
  • The recommendations made by the alumni are subsequently discussed and approved by the BOS.

Analysis of Parents’ Feed Back

Analysis of Students’ Feed Back

Analysis of Alumni Feed Back


  1. Curriculum designed catering to the needs of global development.
  2. Curriculum revised as per the requirements.
  3. Physical infrastructure increased.
  4. ICT and Wi-Fi enabled campus created.
  5. Students’ progression ensured.
  6. Placement strengthened.
  7. Research culture created.
  8. Well-structured Autonomy block raised
  9. Alumni strengthened
  10. Sports facilities improved.
  11. Books, e-journals, e-resources enhanced.
  12. Structured feedback incorporated.