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Best Practices

Remote Internship Projects

In order to bridge this academic and industry gap, the department encourages students should undergo internships with reputed software industries during their study. In this regard the department has MOU with reputed software industries.  

Teaching-Learning Process

•           Academic calendar is uploaded on the website for information to students and faculty.

•           To encourage the students for utilizing the library.

•           Take students feedback on academic activities.

•           Give the subject wise assignments to the students for improving the performance in the end semester.

•           Monitor the student’s attendance and take necessary steps for improving the regularity.

•           Give training on soft skills & technical skills during Semester breaks for improving the placements.

Certification Courses in Association with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials and ICT

Conducting certificate courses both for faculty and students will keep them up- to-date. The students are made to listen to Spoken Tutorials Video lectures and practice the concepts. After the course they will undergo an on line certification exam to test their understanding and grip on technology or concept

Let the student know the significance of the subject before learning  

When we start the first session of any new subject at the beginning of the semester, we will first illustrate the students the importance of that subject, chapters involved and where it is applicable and how it is used in the real world

Digital medium ICT based course content

Developing content electronically from initial stage of teaching process