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Technical Support: The MIS Office offers comprehensive technical assistance to faculty, staff, and students, ensuring smooth operation of hardware and software systems. It offers support from troubleshooting computer issues to providing guidance on software applications, MIS team is providing support on every step of the way.

Data Management: MIS oversee the organization and maintenance of institutional data, guaranteeing its accuracy, integrity, and security. Through robust data management practices, we empower stakeholders with reliable information for strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Cyber Security: Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information is paramount to the MIS. It implements rigorous cyber security measures to safeguard our network infrastructure and data assets against potential threats, ensuring a safe and secure a computing environment for all users.

Training and Development: It offers training sessions and workshops to empower faculty, staff, and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage technology effectively. From basic computer literacy to specialized software training, our programs aim to enhance digital literacy and promote technological proficiency across the campus community.

Institutional Email Service: As part of our commitment to facilitating communication and collaboration, the MIS Office provides institutional email accounts for both staff and students. These email accounts offer a professional and reliable means of correspondence, enabling seamless communication within the college community and beyond.

Issuance of ID card: Collect data from the administrative offices of both streams. It verifies the data and prepare the ID cards for both he staffs and students. It ensures the issue of ID card to the students with in the seven days of the reopening of the college.